Organic Bamboo & Cotton Facial Pads

Organic Bamboo & Cotton Facial Pads

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Our organic  & reusable facial pads are the all-around eco-friendly choice to choose. Better for Mother Earth than cotton balls or make up wipes. 

Use these in replacement of those items during your skincare routine to lessen waste. It only takes small steps to see a huge improvement to do your part. Even a small step towards minimizing landfill space is important...every little bit helps our earth! 

Put them in a small basket or bathroom tumbler. Use these babies with facial toner, cleanser, or as a makeup remover pad wetted with your choice of makeup removing solution instead of using cotton balls.

When done to clean them just throw them in a small laundry bag and put them in the wash with your towels and WALLAH THEY ARE READY TO BE USED again & again & again.

~ Measures approx. 2 1/2 inches in diameter
~ Double layer of soft organic cotton flannel
~ Completely machine washable and reusable
~ Bamboo & Organic Cotton Composition (55% Organic Cotton and 45% Bamboo Pulp.)

3 in a PACK

Perfect for:
~ Makeup removal
~ Toner application
~ Facial cleaners

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