Our Story

Who are we?
"Edith`s All Natural Skincare" is an all natural brand that is inspired by mother nature. Made in 2011 "Edith`s All Natural Skincare" line dedicates its entire brand purpose to creating unisexual, luxury, effective and affordable products that are only are made with the purest quality plant oils and the rich butters mother earth can provide. 
Edith`s All Natural Skin Care Story
Edith Booth the founder of "Edith`s All Natural Skin Care" had a true skin inspiring journey. Growing up with super sensitive skin that suffered from extremely dry, cracked, blistering, irritated and scarring eczema prone skin. Her skin struggle grew a life-changing and deep passion for educating herself about effective but natural and safe solutions that will put an end to her sleepless nights and unsightly scars and eczema flare-ups. Tadah the birth of Edith`s "All Natural Skin Care" was born and to her surprise. The creation of her handcrafted body creams and body sugar exfoliators changed many families living across her hometown in Maryland who suffered just like her. To this very day,  She helps many who suffered just like er through her wide selection of safe skincare and hasn't looked back to over the counter creams and lotion to repaired her skin and scalp eczema.


What We Are Made Of
All of EdithBooth.com products are made with everyone in mind created by Edith Booth with the life mission to grow awareness of using what mother nature has already blessed all of us with to simplify hair and skin care entirely. Creating all-around effective and earth safe handcrafted natural skincare products packed with tons of long-term health benefits, nutrients, and love for more healthy clear radiant hair and skin.


Edith`s All Natural Skin Care products are not in any way shape or form diluted or full of cheap, harmful filler ingredients to further shelf life or stock amount; that over time can harm your health and ruin your confidence.

"If it isn't quality its disqualified"

Our Promise to you!

"Edith All Natural Skincare"s promise to you is to rescue you from the stress of buying countless amounts of hair and skin products that simply just doesn't work and most of all puts your health at risk. Compared to other known unnatural skin care brands on the market today; their products aren't made with you in mind and lack the passion to give you an easy to follow guide to maintain your bodies overall health while truly resolving your skins unique needs.

Natural skin that's built off of Gaia and nothing else! 


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