"Hydra Jellie" Facial Cleanser
"Hydra Jellie" Facial Cleanser

"Hydra Jellie" Facial Cleanser

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No more tight, flaky, or irritated skin after cleansing. "Hydra Jellie" is a daily facial cleanser that removes the day's pollutants effectively and excess sebum while calming irritated skin. Our non-drying, unscented, and gentle formula is perfect for those with sensitive skin but works well with all skin types. Made with Green Tea, Aloe Vera & Collide Oats just a little goes a long way cleaning away makeup and sweat while remaining gentle on your skin. Simplicity and effectiveness = happy, healthy skin that glows naturally. 

Apply to our "Plant Face"  facial sponge for a deeper clean :) 

Scent: Unscented 

How to Use: With wet hands place cleanser in your palms and unto dry face skin to help remove makeup before adding water or normally to wet skin.

Key Ingredients: Cucumber, Ginger extract, Oatmeal, Chamomile & Green Tea Extract

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We Highly Recommendation 

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain maximum product freshness and longevity.


*DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor or esthetician. Edith's products are not here to diagnose or cure. Even though our products are all natural and quality sourced; please test on a small amount on your skin before using all over!  KEEP OUT of eyes and if any skin irritations occur please discontinue use and consult a doctor.


This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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